Monday, October 19, 2009

world sweet world - lovely!

The postie delivered this mag today. It's called World Sweet World and it's from New Zealand. Here's the blurb:
Split into two parts, it has beautifully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for making cool stuff, followed by articles about people or stories on sustainable living, and, in general, things that we hope you'll find inspiring.
It is inspiring - just a lovely mag and so reasonably priced. I found this mag through Lark's blog, but I bought the mag for this article - A Crafty Plan - tips and tricks for starting your creative business. It's a great read and perfect timing for me!

Have a lovely Monday!


Kate said...

I was just having a read of my copy of WSW that Allison (lark) gave me and I love it too. I think I might have to subscribe. I think I'm going to have a go at the laptop bag first.

Pippi creates said...

You realy do find the best mags and other publications Nic! This one has the best name too.

Beky said...

Yeah isn't it great! I didn't realise at first it was from New Zealand. I bought mine from Lark when I visited recently.

Tracey said...

Hello :) Ive been seeing this magaine on other peoples blogs recently. I should NOT subscribe to another craf mag but... what the hey! Nice blog :)