Tuesday, February 28, 2012

shop swap

A few weeks ago I joined up for the shop swap over at the oh hello friend blog. I thought it would be great to link up with some fellow shopkeepers and swap some wares. My lovely swap partner is Erin who makes beautiful jewellery combining her love of words with a rustic and time worn aesthetic ~ you can see her clever work here. This is Erin's package from my shop ~ wrapped in some of my block printed fabric, some cherry red {exclaim} handprinted fabric, natural string and a handmade gift card ...

The contents will remain a surprise for Erin, but come from my shop (as well as a little extra). I really love wrapping gifts in fabric ~ I think they look and feel great, and can be used again or to make something else. Plus, I really enjoy just making things look nice! While I was deciding which "wrapping" to use, I couldn't resist capturing the precarious pile of fabrics on the table ...

Thanks to Danni at oh hello friend for hosting such a fun swap. I hope you like your parcel, Erin ~ it's on it's way to you now!

You can find the Yardage Design online shop here full of handprinted fabrics and homewares for gift giving and wrapping.

Monday, February 27, 2012

back in the saddle ...

This afternoon I picked up my DSLR for the first time in two months, before walking to the park ...

I reminded myself how much I love using a big camera ~ the weight, the control, the sound of the shutter.

Spring seems imminent here ... the weather this past week could almost be considered warm and trees are covered in buds ready to burst. I can't wait. I miss the colour. On my windowsill ...

Wishing you a creative week ahead!

Monday, February 6, 2012

instagram + me

As far as all of the social medias go, I can quite honestly say that instagram is my favourite at the moment. Not to say I don't enjoy blogging, facebooking, pinteresting or tweeting, but instagram ticks all of the boxes for me right now. Why?
It's all about the pictures ~ beautiful photo's of interesting people, places and objects from everywhere
It's less about the words ~ the pictures speak for themselves, often with none or just a few words
It's instant ~ take a photo (I use iPhone) and share it; look at other people's pics; simple; fast
It's inspiring ~ some people are amazing at making the ordinary look extraordinary

So I'm guessing that you've worked out that I love it! Here are a few more things I've noticed about instagram:
At the moment instagram only compatible with Apple products with cameras ... but apparently there are plans in the works to expand compatibility to platforms other than Apple.
There is space in instagram for people who just want to take happy snaps, right up to pro photographers. I've been using instagram for about six months, and have watched the number of people and quality of pics increase hugely! It's been great for me to learn from others ~ composition, angles,
You have the opportunity to "follow" people whose photo's/style/subject matter you like, so that their pics will appear in your feed. You can also tag your own pics with key words, and search for pics with tags that you're interested in to find people with a similar aesthetic or subject matter. This all works really well and makes for some interesting pics in your feed each day.
Tagging is important if you want to use instagram as a promotional tool too, or gather more followers. Thankfully there's not too much of that going on that I've seen ~ it still seems to be about the photo's in the first instance, which is refreshing.
You can share your pics with your facebook or twitter account, and a few other places, making it easy to keep people in the loop if that works for you.
There are a few meme's you can join in with too ~ one of the most popular I've seen is FatMumSlim's photo-a-day meme with a theme for each day of the month ~ great if you're just starting and/or stuck for ideas of what to take pics of, and lovely to link up with others.
People connect via images ~ all different kinds of people (including lots of my favourite bloggers). It's a nice place to hang out.

Anyway, I would encourage you to give it a go if you like photography and you have the technology (this is not a sponsored post, I just really like it!). The instagram app (application) is free to download from the iTunes store. There are also lots of instagram viewers that you can use on your computer or iPad ~ check out the iTunes store or via Google.

All of the images in this post are mine from instagram ~ you can find me on instagram via @yardagedesign


Thursday, February 2, 2012

happy days + lovely pics

Nothing makes me happier as a designer and a business owner, than to see my products being enjoyed. It's even better when I get to see lovely pics like these ...

Pic by Cathie
Pic by Deanne
Note ~ Deanne bought a misprinted market bag in the Yardage Design mid-year sale last year
(just explaining the print imperfections!)
Tram Roll Menu Market Bags are now back in the shop after selling out before Christmas.

Have a great day!