Friday, May 9, 2014

{ making } little jute bunting flags

A while ago I saw an idea on Pinterest (as you do!) where someone had made a garland from some hessian webbing. I wanted to make some, for no other reason than to justify the enormous roll of jute webbing I bought on ebay years ago!

These are as easy as they look :: cut some webbing (or ribbon, or fabric) into about 10cm strips; keep one end straight and fold over about 1cm; sew, staple or glue that end down but leave a little gap to thread some string through the top; cut the other end however you please; repeat as many times as you like and then thread onto string (or thin ribbon or whatever you have). Easy peasy garland for your studio, office, home!

You will find all the other ideas and projects I'm yet to get to via my Pinterest page, and keep up with what I'm doing over on Instagram (@yardagedesign).

Have a great Friday, and fabulous weekend!