Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blogging - the holly grail

No - not a typo - Holly Becker is the blogging queen! She is the author of decor8 blog, and recently co-hosted the Blogging Your Way e-course which I took ... it was AMAZING! She's running another one in September, but in the mean time, she's just posted an interview she did with Darren from Problogger. The interview runs for about an hour, but covers some of the best advice and information you'll ever hear from a professional, successful and lovely blogger - how she started, what she's learnt and what's on the horizon. It really is worth a listen - I just sewed up a stack of tea towels while listening.

Click here to go to Holly's blog and listen to the interview.

Image from decor8


lisa stubbs said...

Thanks, I'll have a listen this afternoon!

decor8 said...

Oh how nice, thank you for listening in. :) And I love that you were also productive with your projects. That is so cool.