Thursday, April 17, 2014

why don't you wrap it, wrap it good!

Apologies if you have the Devo song in your head now (see what I did there with the "Whip It" and the "Wrap It") but it's been one of those kind of days! Aaaaaaaaaanyway, back to wrapping things! I've been doing a bit of wrapping with tea towels in readiness for Mother's Day, and thought you might like to see. This is my new Hex tea towel in tomato red ...

I'm not really sure why I went with asymmetrical ribbon attachment, it just seemed right at the time (told you I'm having one of those days!).

I've always liked giving fabric or tea towels as gifts, but I like using them to wrap special gifts as well :: a gift around a gift! I'm chatting about this and other stuff in an interview on the Country Culture blog this week :: pop over for a read! More Mother's Day gift ideas here too!

Have a great weekend :: stay safe and eat too much chocolate!

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Paravent said...

Fabulous!!! Great tea towel, great wrapping, and great song too Nic :) Kx