Tuesday, December 20, 2011

seville {sevilla}

We spent the weekend in Seville ...

We sat under orange trees eating Spanish pastries, wandered the artisan markets, admired the architecture, rowed a boat around the Plaza de Espana, took a horse and cart ride to see the sights, stayed in an old palace, and enjoyed time together. A weekend wasn't long enough ~ we'll be going back to Seville. It is a lovely place. The mosaic of photo's are the ones I posted to Instagram (which I love!) while I was there.

This is me, trying to row a boat ... and laughing so hard that I forgot which oar to use to steer us straight!

It's hard to believe it's going to be Christmas in a few days. It almost doesn't feel like Christmas because it isn't summer here, and we're so used to warm weather at Christmas time. Snow is forecast in Spain for Wednesday, so fingers crossed we get a little more on Sunday so we can have a white Christmas!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

oh Seville! I met my hubby there, waiting for a bus to take us to portugal. *sigh* Love your wanderings Nic.

Juicy Roo said...

That is a fantastic photo of you.

Naturally Carol said...

Merry Christmas Nic! Funny, I just never thought it ever snowed in Spain..rain yes..snow never..hehe!

Miss said...

those tiles are wonderful, wonderful. I've wanted to see them for ages. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Hope you have a very happy Christmas in Spain. Keep the pics coming!

And I love the Union Jack cushion!

Bigprint Little said...

Dearest Nic,
How lucky you are! Seville looks like a beautiful place to spend some time -gorgeous photos. Wishing you a white Christmas this year. I've loved reading about your European adventures these past few months. Have a lovely new year and fingers crossed we'll catch up sometime in 2012
a x

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Ahhhhh Nic....That is a BRILLIANT pic of you rowing under the bridge....I'm sure being able to look at this in years to come will bring another HUGE smile to your lips....!!!!!

I was just reading in a more recent post that you'll be heading back to Spain AGAIN....We really MUST catch up before you go....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)