Monday, March 21, 2011

at my house ...

Today at my house I'm ...

- packing and posting orders. One of my favourite things to do - I love wrapping things up and making them look nice!
- cutting and colouring with Mr 4 - we've been making "tickets" for playing all manner of games and entry to imaginary places.
- deciding if I should make lasagne or tuna bake for dinner.
- taking Mr 4 to sport - today was cricket. He loves cricket and is quite good at it too. He's finally worked out that he's a lefty, after being ambidextrous until now.
- washing - yuck. I do not find housework appealing in any way, but I do like the results (and clean clothes).
- donating lots of $5 to the Red Cross for the Japan Quake Appeal so I can enter Jodie's awesome custom softie giveaway (seriously, check this out - a Ric-Rac softie of your choice!)
- playing transformers with Mr 4.
- deciding what fabric to back my blue Liberty quilt with - procrastinating a bit on that one.
- looking forward to Finders Keepers this weekend in Melbourne.
- jotting down ideas - I have some new designs in the pipeline. I just need the time to refine them and get them done.
- reading blogs in between!

I hope your week has started off well!


Vic said...

Lasagne has my vote! ;)

Sherrin said...

Sounds like a pretty lovely day to me! Was it lasagne?