Tuesday, November 17, 2009

playschool dip recipe

This dip was on Playschool this afternoon, and the Little Mister liked the look of it. So, off we walked to the market and got the ingredients to make it together ...

1 ripe avocado
1 ripe tomato
1 lemon
1tbs cream cheese
salt & pepper (to taste)

1. Mash avocado into a bowl
2. Sqeeze on some lemon to stop it going brown 
3. Add cream cheese and mix
4. De-seed and chop tomato
5. Add tomato and salt and pepper to bowl and mix

Serve with corn chips, crackers, on bread, by itself - it's delish!



Vic said...

Gosh Playschool is great isn't it?

That looks very yummy & combines pretty much all of Punk's favourite things... so I guess Playschool dip for tomorrow it is!

Sally said...

We saw this too!
Good to know that it was delicious - we'll probably give it a go too.

Liesl said...

We also saw it. Since we recently made Playschool sandwiches, I think dip is in order next!

Unknown said...

Great job.
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