Friday, October 14, 2011

crafty choices

Today I found a patchwork shop. Sounds simple enough ~ they are pretty abundant at home, but here not so much. This little patchwork shop is tucked away in a side street - full of fabrics and haberdashery and sewing machines and ladies crafting at a big table. I didn't want to take a picture ~ it was great just watching Spanish women go about their crafting ~ chattering and laughing. This shop was small but busy - people dropping in saying hello, picking up things. It was a hive of activity, it was heartening and it was lovely. Aside from all of that, it gives me a place to get things I need to make stuff. I now have choices in the type of thing I can make because I have a place to buy the supplies. Priceless.

I couldn't resist this variegated thread today.

Wishing you a great Friday!


lamina@do a bit said...

I love your description.. I could just imagine such a beautiful little crafty place :)

Liam's Mummy said...

The thread is lovely. It makes such a difference having somewhere nearby that has crafty supplies.