Sunday, March 25, 2012


This time last weekend, we were in Scotland. It was four days of heaven ~ starting in Edinburgh and then driving (over a couple of days) through the highlands to Loch Ness, Inverness, then around to Aberdeen, Dundee and back to Edinburgh. Here are a few of my favourite pics of the trip ...

Beautiful rolling hills and stone buildings ~ between Aberdeen and Dundee
Loch Ness ~ I have been dreaming of coming here since I was a child ~ a big tick on my list of things to do in life
(P.S. Nessie was "having a nap" when we visited)
Quaint village near Loch Ness
Old walled garden, Culloden House,  Inverness
Daffodils everywhere we went ~ these were in Aberdeen
The Frayed Hem in Edinburgh ~ perfect spot for a crafternoon!
My red door obsession was indulged in Edinburgh!
Dream house ...
Approaching the Highlands

It is rare that we will visit a place and feel immediately at home ~ like it is somehow familiar and we belong. We felt this way about Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular. I could live there in a heartbeat. It's up there with Melbourne for me, and that's saying something! At the departures area of Edinburgh airport, there is a sign saying "Haste ye back" ~ meaning "return soon" ~ no encouragement needed. Scotland is magic.

I posted lots more pics to my instagram incase you're interested. Hope your weekend has been lovely so far!


CurlyPops said...

Such beautiful photos Nic! I have cousins in Scotland and I would love to go visit one day.

Sally said...

I lived in Scotland for a bit a long way back... it is a very special place.

jennie said...

Fantastic photos Nic -
I love Scotland, especially Edinburgh (the Tatoo and many a New Years there!). I adore the accent and I'm half Scottish too!x

gardenglut said...

I too love Scotland, and like you ( despite being Australian born and bred) its a place I felt at home in. I lived for a little while in Ullapool, way up on the north west coast where the ferry goes off to the Western Isles. I worked in a small seafood restaurant called the Frigate, and in my spare time I went 'hillwalking' as they say. Just cooking and walking... pretty nice. It is very very beautiful especially up in the highlands.

anka said...

The red door looks absolutely stunning!
Have a lovely Sunday!

Annie said...

Hey Nic, Scotland is definitely a place I want to go in my lifetime. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics. Lucky girl you.

Anonymous said...

You lucky duck! : ) Our last visit to Scotland was to Loch Lomond, it was stormy, misty, dramatic and completely stunning. x Alisa