Tuesday, September 29, 2009

just a minute ... in september

Today I'm joining in on the fun over at August Street and reflecting on the past month ... here goes ...

Watching ... my garden grow and bloom. Lots of kids cartoons with my Little Mister ;-), but when he sleeps I'm really enjoying Sarah's House, re-runs of Sex in the City, Great British Menu and movies. Last Chance Harvey stands out as one of the most enjoyable this month - warm, sad, happy, real and wonderful actors. I'm also watching United States of Tara - not sure if I'm enjoying it or enduring it to see what ridiculous thing will happen next. Sort of like a car wreck, and a bit Lost-esq!

Reading ... magazines ... I'm addicted (and bit broke!) - Australian House & Garden, delicious, Australian Country Style, Frankie, Australian Gourmet Traveller, Real Living, Yen, Inside Out and Cuisine are next to my bed at the moment. I'm also reading "New York: a novel" by Edward Rutherford - it's really good so far.

Working ... on our little house which we are slowly renovating ourselves. This month has been all about the outside - stripping paint, preparation and painting (when it hasn't been raining).

Learning ... new software (Inkscape) and translating my textile design ideas from paper to screen. Also learning some new vegan recipes for a dinner party we're hosting for friends next month.

Searching ... for the holy grail: nice base cloth fabrics - Australian made, natural, heavy-weight and organic would be great (and should be possible), but so far, to no avail.

Eating ... roast chicken with sage, homemade lasagne, apple crumble, pancakes ... it's still cold here in Melbourne so we're still into comfort food! Looking forward to summery salads, stone fruit and BBQs too!

Reflecting ... I started this blog exactly 2 months ago on 29th July 2009. This is my 50th post. I wish I'd found blogging years ago - it has made me happy, inspired and confident enough to have a go at pursuing my creative interests in earnest. Thanks to all those who have read my blog, left a comment, or sent me an email - it really makes my day!

I hope you have a great month, and that October is a cracker!


CurlyPops said...

Only 2 months? It seems like you've been blogging forever!
I'm addicted to Sarahs house.

Holly said...

I started late last year but still feel very new to it, I'm enjoying it too. It makes me reflect more, articulate ideas more, and literally share more.

Pippi creates said...

Congratulations of reaching the 2 month Milestone. Think of the journey you have started and how far you have come already! I am watching United States of Tara too - it's definately whacky but I love it! P.S. Is that a new header with your printing explorations? looks great.

Jenaveve said...

Wow - happy 2 month anniversary. It sure does make a difference to creative inspiration, it's like a constant source.

You're on the money with 'Tara' - it's incredibly bizarre and shocking... hence why I can't look away!!

And good luck with Inkscape - this sounds v.interesting!

6p00e55397a5c28834 said...

Happy two month blogiversarry!

I can relate to being addicted to magazines. Most night i'm just too tired to read a book so prefer mags. I've found going to the library and borowing them has made it easier not to buy them.

P.S - ignore the horrible number that is probably going to come up as my name instead of 'Tricia' - i'm having no luck etting it fixed :-(