Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a computer "softie"

I have been designing this week. I have been using my ancient version of Illustrator (7.0.1 - don't laugh - it's prehistoric!!), but it's very cumbersome and not very compatible with Vista. I checked my wallet incase I'd left a few hundred dollars in there, but alas, no. So I did some searching on the web the other night to see if anyone had made a free version of something similar to Illustrator. Turns out there is - Inkscape. I downloaded it, and it seems great so far - easy and intuitive to use, pretty similar functionality to Illustrator, and it even saves in a range of formats including pdf. I did a screen print for you below - pretty geeky, huh!

Anyway, I just thought others might be interested in my find - for those that just want to play, or those who need a stop-gap while they save up for the real thing!

Boring stuff = no one paid me to plug this softie - I found it all by myself! Please do your own homework before downloading anything from the web.

Enjoy the rest of your day ...

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Pippi creates said...

I too have an old and tattered version of illustrator, but I wouldn't know if I could remember how to use it anymore. I do recall it being a bit complicated for the novice. Nice squiggle!