Thursday, July 18, 2013

new tea towel design :: auspicious

It's been a while since I've done a new tea towel design, so I'm happy to share this one with you at last! Inspired by my recent trip to China, this design is kind of a good luck symbol seen in various forms on all manner of things. It is an "auspicious" symbol, which means conductive to success or favourable. I added my own design touch, with a series of hand drawn "stripes"...

I really love how it looks like a never-ending knot (or a race track, according to Little Mister Yardage). I printed it it in copper (which is actually metallic) and royal blue, because (aside from red), these colours really caught my eye in the ancient architecture we saw in China. Of course, I also printed it in red, which I love, and is currently in use in our kitchen at the moment!

The new "auspicious" tea towel is now available in the Yardage Design online shop ...

Have a great Thursday!

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