Monday, July 15, 2013

monday inspiration :: customer colour combos

I'm always pretty fascinated by what colours/fabrics my customers choose. After two markets in the last month where I have had a range of my "Fan" design available in quilting and medium weight fabrics, I thought I would share the colour combo's that were the most popular (insert impromptu little photoshoot with citrus here!).

Purple, red, orange and yellow : this particular combo was chosen by a customer at the Winter Design Market a few weeks ago and I just love it. I think these would look great as patchwork cushion covers {adding to my list of things to make}. Several other customers also bought this or a similar palate, but replaced the purple with ocean blue which also looks great.

"Oranges and lemons, the bells of St Clements" {totally stuck on my brain when I see these two colours} :: these colours have been the most popular of all. Perhaps it's the preparation for spring and summer, or just that they are happy colours. Who knows, but they work well together. Red {below} is always the go-to choice for people who see my fabrics, love them, "need" some and can't decide on a colour/don't have a specific project in mind. I think I should call it Stash Red!

Wishing you all a creative week, and hoping today is the day ...

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Happy Monday!


74 Lime Lane said...

Where's the lime to go with all that citrus Nic? :) The yellow and orange and a zest of lime would look lovely and fresh, too!

Jill Butler said...

Lovely, fresh...happy colours!