Monday, April 15, 2013

new ideas

Lately I've been playing with a few ideas in my day to day printing. Over the weekend I "stole" a precious hour and printed my criss cross design in a lovely blue ...

I love this design/colour combo, but I wanted to add a bit of detail. Out came the cutting mat and I made a little stencil to infill one (or more ~ I haven't decided yet) of the crosses. First I tried covering the cross completely, and then made it smaller, leaving a little edge around it. I prefer the latter.

I'm looking forward to making this fabric into something pretty. For now, it's back to it. Many of you, like me, may have just done the first school drop-off after a couple of weeks school holidays. It's always bittersweet here ~ I love the holidays, but it's a little bit nice to have some time to myself. A good excuse to tidy up and get ready for a busy month ahead.

Have a creative week!

P.S. Some new SALE items in the shop!


sascedar said...

oh i love that blue with the splash of red. very nice! We are having our first day of holidays here. So happy to have no lunchbox packing this morning ;)sarah

Tania said...

I absolutely love it Nic! Blue is my favourite colour and I can just see that print making a stunning cushion. Well done on the new website too. Just doing my blog page does my head in sometimes :)

Pippi creates said...

And there I was thinking that the red on the black print looked pretty interesting and possible applications, until I scrolled a little further down the picture... Like it better with the little edge too. Nice to find some time for some playing around!