Saturday, June 2, 2012

bargain city!

The Yardage Design annual sale starts tomorrow (Sunday) at 5pm AEST. Big discounts on discontinued fabric designs and colourways, reduced tea towels and market bags, and the famous $5 misprints and samples. It's going to be big!

Sometimes it's good to clear the decks. Some of these designs have been around for a while. Vintage tram roll menu was one of my first ever designs, more than two and half years ago. It's time to breathe and release. It's your chance to bag a bargain and snap up some handprinted history.

Have a great weekend!

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Lisa M said...

I just discovered your shop and blog from Curly Pops; your designs are gorgeous. I will be back tomorrow to see your sale stock, but I am sure I will be back to purchase regardless of a sale or not.