Thursday, June 23, 2011

indie craft market in madrid

We happened to be in Madrid towards the end of last week. While I was there, I needed to visit a shop that sold British food to stock up on a few things that are hard to find here (real soy sauce, tomato paste to name a couple). While I was there, I picked up a free newspaper for ex-pats in Madrid and read that there was an independent design and handmade market on Saturday's in June ... of course we went ...

It's called the Dosde Market and it's held in this beautiful square (Plaza de Mayo) not far from the city centre. The square is communal space - playgrounds, trees, seats - surrounded by cafes, restaurants and bars. It was a perfect setting.

There were probably 30 or so stalls of handmade and hand crafted goodness. Lots of product was familiar, but often with a Spanish twist - lots of bright colours. I found two little things to take home with me ...

This necklace (from Borboleta) is made with little felt balls wrapped in cotton and strung onto fishing line. I love the colours, and it looks lovely on (I don't have my tripod here, so no posing today!).

I absolutely love this handmade clay brooch by Elena Rey. Elena was lovely and spoke english quite well, so it was great to hear about how she makes these and other pieces.

I can't tell you how good it made me feel to go to a handmade market. Even though it was in a foreign country where I can't speak the language well, it was so familiar, and I knew that we all got IT - the loveliness and importance of making things by hand.

Have a lovely Thursday!


Anonymous said...

What an adventure. When i was in Europe last year with my husband, he knew not to stop me from dragging him into any markets we came across, good husband that he is. You've chosen some gorgeous keepsakes & even better - easy to pack to bring home, love Posie

Tania said...

The brooch and necklace will be treasured keepsakes from your trip. Both are really beautiful and unique. Not to mention the amazing surroundings.

by marie-nicole said...

WOW! That's sounds like a fantastic experience!!!

What gorgeous purchases you made... and the memories that will come flooding back to you each time you wear them I am sure will be priceless.


Kate said...

The interational language of craft. Love it!
I am so excited for you Nic.
i look forward to your next post. x

Vic said...

That necklace is amazing... Wow Nic, looks like you are having a simply amazing time - & you deserve every single second. (Is that enough of a suck up for you to bring me something back....? Hehe)

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Nic..that is a particularly intriguing necklace..I love the effect of the clear cord inbetween the very bright baubles..very cool!