Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm heading up to the Dayslesford Makers Market tomorrow, but in preparation I needed to make a yo-yo. The brainchild of Julie, and found via Jodie, I made my very first yo-yo so others bloggers will know I'm a blogger - make sense?! Anyway, you might also recognise me as my yo-yo matches my bag!

See you there!


beck said...

So lovely to meet you YG! It's funny meeting bloggers and hearing their name, I want to ask 'which icon is yours?" I can sometimes only identify bloggers withh their icon, ie: 'red button on blue background'! Silly but true. I hope you had fun yesterday, I thought it was a fantastic market. Hope you come again next time! xo

Kate said...

Oh I missed you!

Pippi creates said...

Better than a name tag! And definately more efficient that having to design and sew a new skirt for every event! ;)