Tuesday, October 6, 2009

(wishfull) summer sewing

I have finally got around to making this lovely top for summer. New Look pattern 6705 - made out of navy and white searsucker from Tessuti.

Once I got past looking at the pattern all cut out on the back of the chair for a few weeks, it only actually took about 2 hours to sew - pretty easy and pretty satisfying. I think it will look nice with jeans.

Now all I need is some summery weather (it's raining as I type this .... enough said!).


Nikki Cardigan said...

It's very cute Nic.

lisa stubbs said...

Oooo you are clever!...it's raining here too!

Pippi creates said...

Nice one Nic! I like to square neck on it (I'm a bit of a fan of square necks) and great that it was pretty quick to whip up. And lucky you, that seersucker will be nice and cool for summer days.

Penny said...

It's really pretty!